Describe a Houseboat Trip to Me

I’m going houseboating! I look into the harbor and there it was. MY BOAT. Or at least my boat for the next three days. I’m so excited been looking forward to this houseboat trip for a long time! It was Friday evening, and we were going to board our new home for the next three days. I was going to pilot the houseboat. OH BOY!

Saturday: Day One of Our Houseboat Trip!

Slept like a baby after watching the training video my instructor, Hal, had given me the night before. Coffee smelled great. Rose had made it before I was up. The houseboat has a kitchen just like at home and all the conveniences. Two bathrooms are a great touch with six people; three of us, girls.

8 a.m. and I see this figure striding down the dock towards our houseboat. It’s our instructor (my instructor really). Boy, is he ever tan. He had met everyone last night when we brought on our food and supplies, so we were ready to start. He explained everything I will need to know about houseboating. Besides the ship to shore radio there was all the marine instrumentation. He gave me cell numbers, and told me I could call if I needed anything or had a problem. I felt a lot better then.