Describe a Houseboat Trip to Me

boatsIt was slower going back up river. I was sure I could handle MY BOAT, but I wasn’t going to get cocky. Hal seemed pleased with my performance. He told Charlie that he liked cautious boat drivers. Cautious boat drivers don’t get into trouble. Charlie even seemed impressed with my new skills.

A boat has no brakes. It takes the big commercial barges over a mile to stop on the river. A very good reason to give them a wide berth. Hal assured Charlie that as long as we thought ahead, planned, and took it easy we would not have any problems. In the unlikely event that we needed advice we could call Hal. We had the ship to shore radio. I certainly wasn’t all alone. Besides, I had Charlie.

Hal stood on the side as I judged the current and the breeze and edged toward the dock. Charlie was behind me with his hands on my waist letting me know that I could do this. Using forward and reverse was already becoming second nature to me. Waiting hands grabbed our lines and tied us up. We would top off our water and be on our way. I glanced at my watch. My gosh! It was only 9:30 a.m. I still had the whole day to drive MY BOAT.