May 17, 2017 | Posted in: What's New

July Openings

I have the following boats and dates open yet in July

Special schedule dates and prices- 16×56 (non pet friendly) July 8-10, 10-13 or Aug 1-3 discounted at 2295.00

16×56 pet friendly July 1-3(discounted 2395.00) or 25-28(discounted 2495.00)

18×58 July 3-6(discounted 2995.00)

18×60 July 10-13(discounted 3395.00)

18×61 July 3-6 (discounted 3695.00)

Please call anytime to confirm boat, dates and pricing.

Things are changing so don’t hesitate to call and check different dates if they are not listed here.

We Hope to see You on the River this Summer!!